5 practical tips for an eco-friendly gym session

Gyms. Incredible places for sweating it out and improving your health, but as we look further into it, they're not the most eco-friendly of all set ups.  Here are some suggestions for a more sustainable workout!

  1. Speed shower. How fast can you go? It’s easy to forget that fresh, clean water is a limited natural resource. Can you keep showers to 7 minutes or less? Turn it into a challenge to see how quickly you can get in and out. Great for saving water and also for everyone waiting to get clean as well.

  2. Keep to one towel. Dry cleaning is a necessity with towels to avoid the spread of bacteria, but it eases the pressure to have less of it to do.

  3. Insist on your gym having more eco-friendly practices. We love 1Rebel’s commitment to plastic free studios.

  4. Bring your own bag to bag up your stinky post-workout gear, instead of the plastic stinky kit bags on offer. We love the idea of getting a delicates wash bag for your dirty gym kit so you can throw the whole thing straight into the machine when you get home.

  5. Use a reusable cup for that post-workout shake. We love all the in-gym cafes for all the delicious protein laden food they deliver, but is there a second use for that Keep Cup that you have in your cupboard - not just for coffee!

What do you think? Do you have any more tips and tricks you could share?

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