6 Tips for Running in the Heat

The humidity is rising, but there’s no reason to stay inside. Here are a few handy tips and tricks from the Adrenna team on how we manage summer running:

  1. Run early in the mornings or in the evenings, when the sun is not at its peak and temperatures drop a little. If you are going to run during the middle of the day, don't forget to use sun protection where your skin is exposed.  Adrenna uses eco-fabrics that rated with UV protection factor of 40+.

  2. Allow your body to get used to the change in seasons.  You may need to adjust your expectations and realise you may not run the distances or speeds that you would when it’s 10 degrees compared to when it’s 20 degrees.  There’s no reason why you couldn’t work up to it though. It doesn’t mean that you’re no longer fit or not capable, it is simply a change in environment.

  3. Remember to stay hydrated. There’s nothing worse than starting your run (or workout) and realising that you’ve not had enough water.  Consistency and frequency is key. Having a whole litre of water just before you go out is probably not going to be the most helpful, so make sure you take water throughout the day.  If you’re running in the morning, have a glass of water before.  Always carry water with you.

  4. Wear breathable activewear that will breathe and won't give you that summer sweat chafe.  Curate your summer activewear sets using lighter layers with high sweat-wicking properties.  Our sustainable Core Leggings, made with feather-weight Italian eco-fabrics that have amazing moisture release will get you running and sweating easy in no time.

    Adrenna Running Leggings

  5. Listen to your body.  If you’re not feeling great mid-run, are experiencing headaches, dizziness, nausea, elevated temperature, muscle spasms or pains, you may have gone too hard too fast.  These could be signs of heat cramps or heat exhaustion.  Don't forget to stretch!

  6. On really hot days, if you’re struggling with your pace, take your running training indoors, at home, in an air conditioned gym or studio.  Don’t forget that longer warm days with no rain also means humidity and pollution levels will steadily increase, and you may find breathing a little more difficult. Interval training on the treadmill or a dose of HIIT indoors will actually help you improve your running while keeping you moving and at peak fitness.

Before too long, you'll be running into the sunset.  Check out our running ready gear here. 

Got more tips and tricks? Tell us below.



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