Q&A with Sara Fakih: Buti Yoga specialist

Adrenna and Sara Fakih
With our inaugural Valentine's weekend yoga event fast approaching, we wanted to get to know Sara a bit better and find out what she has got in store for us on 10 February.  We first discovered Sara at a yoga retreat in Ibiza in October 2017 and were blown away by her energy and approach to living.
You started as a dancer.  What led you to dance and what led you to change your path?

I started dancing, acting and singing from a very young age. Unfortunately I gradually stopped it because of school commitments and because my parents had a very messy split - I lost all motivation and became extremely depressed. I ended up working as an estate agent, but this was not my calling so I got into fitness. This was my first step into a changed life, not really knowing where it was going to take me. I became an PT after I had put on a tremendous amount of weight and went straight into training private clients. I loved it and soon discovered Zumba, which got me back into my love of dancing - I found I got a buzz out of teaching group fitness! As life goes, I then badly injured my back and had to go back to the 9 to 5, which was soul destroying.  I then discovered dancehall and as I recovered I started dancing more and more and got back into my fitness! I was teaching dance and fitness at studios around London, including Gymbox, where I was introduced to yoga to help with my back. From this, I fell into doing a course that I thought looked amazing - it was Buti Yoga!

Buti changed my world and the concept as created by Bizzie Gold fascinated me. Buti links everything I love into one class and it is more than just because of the physical benefits - it has really helped with my mental outlook.  I’ve always battled with depression and yoga, especially Buti, has helped me reach a positive state of being.

You're a woman of so many talents - from personal training, to dance fitness and, of course, yoga.  How do you balance it all?

I have actually started to drop things to focus more on the things I have a strong passion for, hence why I now teach a lot more yoga!

I used to beast my body into a pulp with not much balance and yoga gave me the tools to stop doing that as much. Buti Yoga led me on my path to take my 200 hour yoga teacher training, which was the most challenging, but life changing course, I’ve ever done and nothing will ever be the same after that. I still love fitness and dance, but through my journey I’m starting to learn that a holistic way to train is the way forward. I have found this balance through Buti Yoga which is why I’m so, so passionate about it! 

I have furthered my yoga hours and wil complete my 500 hours of teacher training this March.

Sara Fakih in handstand

Who is Buti for, and can anyone do it?

Buti is for anyone!! Literally anyone! It’s energetic in both senses! Some people think "OMG it’s way too hard", but it’s one of the most beneficial classes for people in every physical and mental way. We work on strength, on flexibility, on coordination, on every single internal and external oblique, on pelvic floor strength, on power, on connecting with yourself and others, with self-love and with the power to truly let go! It’s not just physical; there is so much more to it as we really connect and help to work on our energetic centres (chakras) throughout the class without you even realising it. It heals the body from the inside to out; Buti literally means the cure to something that is hidden or kept secret.

We are also hosting you for a Yin Yoga session on 10 February.  What drew you to Yin Yoga? Who is it for?

Yin, to me, is pure magic and again I think everyone should be doing Yin. It calms down the nervous system, the mind and also releases into fascia, enabling physical, mental and emotional releases throughout the class. It is such a healing class.

What advice do you have for anyone who dreads Valentine's Day?

Yes it’s a bit of a commercial day, but let’s come away from that; you don’t need to buy into it but you can use it as another reason to spread some love. To use the energy of love to love yourself more to start with and then spread that love wherever you go. There can never be enough love and giving, especially as we are living in a more fragmented world. So let’s use Valentine's Day to love ourselves more and from that the energy love will create a ripple effect to the whole world 🙏🏼

Find out more about Sara's classes and schedule here.

Click here to find out more about our Buti and Yin Yoga event with Sara and to book tickets.





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