How we are different

Tackling mass-production

The planet shouldn't have to sweat while you do.  So we only produce what is needed.  While there are numerous ethical and ecological problems with the fashion industry (from ethical treatment of workers, to the amount of carbon emissions from yarn to finished garment and the use of toxic dyes), we are tackling mass-production.  The prevailing fashion production model is to mass-produce and to over-produce, which has only been exacerbated by fast-fashion, sales cycles and the relentless drive for the next trend.  By producing exactly what the customer wants and only in the quantities needed, it is our mission to forge a new standard for creating and enjoying fashion.

Going local

We produce locally.  By doing so, we cut down the amount of unwanted carbon emissions it takes for your garments to get to your door.  We also source all our fabrics from within Europe (Italy) rather than from further abroad.  

Responsible manufacturing

We are working towards zero-waste production.  Our patterns are designed to ensure the least amount of cut-off (and therefore, wasted) fabric as possible.  Though we are still very small, we only work with manufacturing partners that share our values on fair treatment of workers. 

Integrity in materials

We also only work with fabric mills that have third party certifications (Bluesign and Oeko-Tex) for eco and non-toxic dyes.  As we grow, we want to be in a position to source more sustainable, recycled fabrics and 'dead-stock' fabrics that can be repurposed into gorgeous garments.

Always looking for better

We are always looking for innovation and new ways to become more sustainable.  If you have any feedback, queries or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you: